Employers' Perspective Survey 2016:
Student Loans and Higher Education Benefits


We surveyed more than 400 managers throughout the US to learn how their businesses use higher education benefits to help with recruiting, retention, and workplace satisfaction:

  • 8% of employers offer student loan assistance. 
    • That's up significantly from a 2016 SHRM survey showing just 4%.
  • More than 50% of respondents view benefits as the #1 factor in accepting a job offer. 
    • Making your benefits package stand out is vital. 
  • Over 78% say that there is definite room for improvement in the benefits they receive. 
    • Employee satisfaction is key to retention.

Millennials enter the workforce with more student loan debt than any generation in history. Your benefits need to demonstrate that you understand their needs.

Want to learn what student loan assistance benefits bring to the table?

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Download your copy of the survey:

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